How to write a marketing plan for a givem company

Disclaimer and Non-disclosure

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This comprehensive marketing\n strategic Plan is provided to the recipient in reliance upon their consent not\n to use or disclose any information contained herein except in the context of\n their business dealings with Uganda Technical College Kichwamba (UTC-KI). The\n recipient agrees to inform their present and future employees and partners who\n may view or have access to the marketing strategies’ content of its\n confidential nature. Uganda Technical College Kichwamba (UTC-KI) retains all\n title, ownership and intellectual property rights to the material contained herein,\n including all supporting documentation, files and marketing material.
\n Acceptance of this marketing strategy

\n \n

On\n acceptance of this marketing strategy, the recipient agrees to be bound by the\n aforementioned statement Uganda\n Technical College Kichwamba (UTC-KI) acknowledges the contributions of the\n following:

\n \n
  1. Private Sector Foundation Uganda SDF
  2. Echolink Technologies Group Limited
  3. Eurosat Group of Companies

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